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The time is now for one-stop interoperable solutions that meet the demands of the emerging IPTV market.

Today's tech savvy consumers expect to receive and interact with their entertainment choices like never before. Enhanced digital television, on-demand programming, real time interactive games, and one-click shopping are all available in today's digital living room. Telecom distribution of these products meets those demands and has changed the paradigm for the delivery of traditional television products to consumers.

TTC's patented delivery method (pdf) combined with TTC's Interoperable Design Services (IDS) team, sets the industry standard for assisting in the pre-launch constructing, operations development and post launch support for independent headend facilities that provide the security, quality, and consistency required to meet or exceed programmer demands for delivering television programming to subscribers in the telecom environment.

TTC and the NTTC (National Telco Television Consortium) are also developing product offerings that take advantage of digital distribution�s two-way design which inherently creates the ability for dynamic interactivity. These technology architectures also present the most desirous playing field for developers of new advanced services that are emerging from both the programming marketplace as well as the entertainment/games and e-commerce markets.

Combining the power and assets of broadband networking, digital video and strategic partnerships for voice and data, TTC provides end-to-end solutions that are the most efficient, flexible and cost effective ways to compete in today's "triple-play" market.


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