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Telco Television Corporation (TTC) and the National Telco Television Consortium (NTTC) are focused on flexible models for the delivery of telecom and IPTV subscriber-based television and interactive entertainment. This gives TTC partners and NTTC members the options to choose what works best for their individual needs. TTC and NTTC have concentrated research, negotiation and implementation on terrestrially based distribution solutions without limiting technology infrastructures. TTC's Interoperable Design Solutions service (IDS) then goes the extra mile to provide its partners with programmer and industry approved subscriber delivery solution templates aimed at reducing system approval times and accelerating deployment schedules.

Drawing its operational skills in the telecom industry, TTC has been at the forefront of educating promising telecom TV providers as to the best ways to provide TV product solutions and how to take advantage of the opportunity to quickly and cost-effectively penetrate existing subscriber bases. The goal is to give existing companies the ability to add value to their brand with telecom and IPTV offerings.

TTC also provides industry stabilizing benchmarks with its U.S. Patent (#6,718,553) that details the methodology required to deliver all IPTV solutions. From content licensing to successful and certified deployment, TTC supplies all of the critical information and needs for deploying TelcoTV.


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